Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Battlesuit Testing

I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. This was deleted from deviantArt because of "nudity" if you can believe it haha!


  1. Nice work! KP in a tight gag and frogtie made my day :-)

    And I can believe it, a bunch of colorings I made also got removed. They came out of nowhere and demanded that I got a signed contract that stated the artist gave me permission to use his line art. The fact he (Grigbertz) openly approves of such use of his work clearly means nothing to them.
    I even asked for his permission regardless of this and Grigbertz had no problem with it. So not he nor anyone representing him had a problem. DA decided to have a problem all on their own.

  2. That's a little too obvious, is she naked to you, DA? Those sons of bitches must get their eyes open wide until it pops out from their sockets! *face palms*

  3. Hello Brother.
    I found your Blog.
    Very good man.

  4. Thanks! There will be more stuff coming soon.